MVP Series Part 1 - Luka Doncic

MVP Series Part 1 - Luka Doncic

Luka Magic.

Luka First Half Triple Double.

Luka 40 point Triple Double.

Luka Step Back Threes.. Sheesh!

Headband Luka?

Luka is outrageously spectacular, sensational, and just magic!

He's averaging 31.8 PPG 8.5 RPG 8.6 APG while shooting 49.4 FG% on the season!

He has the most 30-point triple-doubles over the last 5 seasons.

Luka tied Wilt Chamberlain tonight for the 4th most 40-point triple-doubles in NBA history - 7

I don't think there are many adjectives to describe how great Luka is.

I haven't been this hyped about a player this good since LeBron the GOAT himself!

We are simply witnessing the Journey of a Future Hall of Famer, NBA MVP, and Potential NBA Champion.

Luka isn't just playing basketball, he's redefining greatness in real-time.

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